5 questions to ask yourself before renting an excavator

Does your company need to rent an excavator to complete a landscaping, construction or installation project in Montreal? If so, Location Ferrento has what you need. We provide professional equipment and tool rentals, and have an impressive selection to offer. Our team has put together this article to help you choose the right excavator for your upcoming project. Here are five questions to look at.


1. How heavy are the materials you need to lift?

Make sure you rent an excavator with the appropriate lifting capacity. Otherwise, you may be forced to exchange it for a more powerful model, which could cause delays on the job site. Always plan ahead.


2. How much space is available at the job site?

It’s important to verify the track length of the excavator you plan to rent to ensure you’ll be able to manoeuvre it around the job site without running into any obstacles. This is especially important if you’re working on a job site with limited space.


3. What are the ground conditions?

If the ground you’re working on is fragile and you need to be careful not to damage it, a lightweight excavator is the way to go. Just make sure you also have a suitable vehicle to move it to and from the job site.


4. How deep do you need to dig?

When renting an excavator from Location Ferrento, make sure you choose a model with a long enough digging arm to meet the depth requirements of your project.


5. Do you need to manoeuvre around obstacles?

If there are obstacles on the job site, it’s important to make sure the excavator can lift the materials high enough to clear them.


If you’re having trouble evaluating your needs and need expert advice to help you make an informed decision, contact a member of our team.


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