Is your worksite feeling the heat? Location Ferrento has you covered with high-performance fans

Working on construction sites in the summer can be physically demanding, especially during a heat wave. Outside and in unventilated buildings, high temperature and humidity levels can affect your health, well-being, and overall mood. Fortunately, Location Ferrento can help you get through the hot weather. How? With powerful industrial fan rentals. Keep reading to find out more.

What fan rentals are available at Location Ferrento? 

To give your employees the best working conditions possible, rent industrial fans that will generate a much-appreciated breeze. We carry several models of varying intensity (CFM = air flow in cubic feet per minute):

  • 30-inch pedestal fan (CFM unavailable);
  • 20-inch floor fan without wheels (5000 CFM);
  • 24-inch floor fan with wheels (7400 CFM);
  • 36-inch floor fan with wheels (12 000 CFM);
  • 42-inch floor fan with wheels (15 000 CFM).

All of our fans come from brands known for their superior quality, and we’re very systematic in maintaining and testing them after every rental, so you can be sure they won’t let you down when the sun is at its peak.

You can rent our fans at a reasonable daily, weekly, or monthly price. Need help choosing one or more models that would best fit your project? Speak to one of our experienced representatives.

Preventing dehydration and heat strokes on construction site

Even the best ventilation isn’t always enough to prevent employees from succumbing to extreme heat. Encourage your team to pick up the following good habits:

Drinking enough water, even when they’re not thirsty;

Working in the shade whenever possible;

Taking regular breaks to rest and freshen up.

For more tips on staying cool, visit the CNESST’s website (French only).

Are you looking for a tool-and-equipment-rental company for a worksite in the greater Montreal area? Whether you need excavators, fans or outdoor heaters, Location Ferrento can help. We have satisfied countless clients in the residential, commercial, industrial and building infrastructure sectors, among many others. Call us!

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